Listen on Your Alexa Device!

Listen to Ham Radio on Your Amazon Alexa Device with Amazon Music 

(no need to subscribe to amazon music or be a prime member )

Podcast Service is Currently Available in:

United States

United Kingdom







New Zealand 

and More..

There’s always Bluetooth if Amazon Music Podcasts are not available where you are yet. Simple. Pair with your Alexa device and stream The Ham Radio Show Directly From!  And Super easy

  • go to

  • play an episode

  • turn on blutooth on your phone/tablet and pair with amazon device

  • enjoy!

Listen Via Our Own DemandTheHAM Service

Alexa  Will Very Soon be a place to #DEMANDTHEHAM!, just by saying open The Ham Radio Show on Demand ! We don’t just mean the latest episode. We mean ALL of them, from WNJC all the way to this previous week’s episode! no longer have to say “next” for the 400th time to hear a episode from all the way back at the beginning.  since its our own platform, it will available wherever you can get alexa!

(Those with Google Assistant…Its there too 🙂